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Vintage Watches Online

Check with Roue for vintage watches online. We've selected a few of the most important decades from American history to honor with our timeless designs. From the 1930s minimalist tech look to the 1980s, we have you covered with five watch styles that function just as impressively as they look. Browse our collection online.

Mens Designer Watches

You're looking for men's designer watches that don't look like every other watch being made today. At Roue, we understand that our customers are searching for a watch that doesn't just keep perfect time, but also turns heads in the workplace and beyond. Our collection of men's watches honors the American motor racing trend from the 1930s to the 1980s.

Vintage Mens Watches

As you compare vintage men's watches on the Web, keep Roue in mind for a truly spectacular watch that looks as great as it performs. From the CAL design that honors the 1930s and its modern minimalist legacy to the HDS with tapered hands and a German engineering inspiration, we have the perfect watch for every man.

Branded Watches For Men

Most branded watches for men are designed to look like the current fashion trend at the time of their manufacture. Roue has something different in mind for men- we create timeless watches that honor the American motor racing legacy of the twentieth century. Our watches offer exceptional function and unmatched design.

Vintage Watches

Do you love the unmistakable look of vintage watches? ROUE has created a line of men's vintage-style watches that pay tribute to the twentieth centuries' motor racing craze. There are five styles in all, with bold designs and precision function. Our TPS features a tachometer, pulsometer, and chronograph with a 1960s classic look.

chronograph Watches

Chronograph watches come in all shapes and sizes; if you're looking for something truly unique for the man in your life, consider one of our men's vintage-style watches at Roue. Bold accents and precision workings are hallmarks of our workmanship and quality. See our complete collection as you browse online at Roue.

Vintage Watches For Sale

As you shop for vintage watches for sale, consider taking a closer look at our classic vintage watches at Roue. We've patterned all of our watches to match the classic lines and visual appeal of the past century's love for motor racing. There are five styles to choose from- any one of which would make an exceptional gift.

Chronograph Watches For Men

Why settle for a chronograph watch when you can own a men's vintage watch that also features a pulsometer and tachometer? Chronograph watches for men all look alike, that is, until you've met the TPS from Roue. Our most popular chronograph watch honors the 1960s racing car trend with bold appeal and high function.

Designer Watch Brands

Few designer watch brands bring as much flair for the extraordinary to the table as Roue. If you're shopping for a bold design and unmatched precision, we invite you to take a closer look at our men's designer watches celebrating the American history of motor racing in the twentieth century. We offer secure checkout for your convenience.

Buy Vintage Watches

Buy vintage watches for men from a craftsman who pours heart and soul into the look and inner workings of every item made. our collection of vintage watches from Roue includes the TPS, with tachometer and pulsometer, CAL with bold calendar features, SSD with Seconds Sud Dial, HDS with its tapered hands, and CHR, the classic chronograph watch.

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