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Ice Hockey Tape

As a hockey player, you can have improved on-field performance with the right hockey tape. Hockey tape provides a better grip for your hand on the stick and the stick on the puck. The result is greater control.

North American Tapes is a hockey tape manufacturing company based in the USA. We design and make ice hockey tape that can reduce the impact on your stick, and provided just the right amount of friction on the rink.

How to Tape a Hockey Stick

There are different ways to tape a hockey stick. Usually, it depends on the player's style and preference. For instance, some players may choose to only tape the toe of the blade and the handle. One can also choose to tape the middle of the blade. Others may also want to tape the shaft.

Whichever style you choose, ensure to use stick cloth tape. The tape provides you with the textured surface necessary for stick and puck control. When taping the handle, you might also consider making a knot at the butt-end. That instantly gives you a firm grip on the handle. You should also not leave any spaces between the tape unless you're using the 'candy cane style.' In addition, be careful not to create bumps.

Once you’re done taping your stick, you can use stick wax to keep off ice and water. Friction tape can still be used as an alternative to wax.

What Mistakes Should You Avoid When Taping a Hockey Stick?

Some of the mistakes that could affect the effectiveness of your tape job include:

  • Taping Over an Old Tape Job – First of all, that will add unnecessary weight on your stick. It will also create several layers that can easily become waterlogged.
  • Using Any Tape – Not just any tape will work for your hockey stick. Avoid using duct or clear tape. Stick to grip, cloth, or friction hockey tape.
  • Inconsistent Taping Patterns – When you have inconsistent spacing on your handle or shaft, it may affect your

When Should You Remove Your Hockey Tape?

A hockey tape should be changed when it shows signs of wear. For instance, you need to re-tape your stick when your tape has been cut by a skate, leaving parts of the blade showing. Some players choose to change it after every game. Whichever the case, follow these steps:

  • Simply pull off the tape. If it doesn’t come off completely, move on to step two.
  • Soak the area of the stick with tape residue in warm, soapy water. Take it out after a minute then rub it with a cloth.
  • You can also heat the residue tape with a blow dryer, then scrape it off.

Your Hockey Tape Pros

At North American Tapes, we adhere to quality, strength, and endurance for our ice hockey tape. That has made our products some of the most sought after by professional players. If you’re a hockey tape dealer, you can get in touch with us on for any questions or queries.

Ice Hockey Tape
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