Vintage Mens Watches

Vintage Mens Watches

Vintage mens watches were magnificent. Watch enthusiasts, watchmakers, and those with an eye for retro ingenuity have traveled back in time for these men’s vintage watch marvels. Timepieces from this retro era have gained the recognition of the younger generation and the nostalgia of the older one. Buffs usually know the best vintage watches to review. Become a collector by scouring Roue’s top olde worlde to find a men’s vintage watch.

Features of Vintage Watches

  • Size and Shape

Men have decided the vintage size is the contemporary style. And renowned companies are here to ensure that those hypermasculine, extra-sized watches of the recent past give way to subtler well-sculpted vintage watches. The standard watches now dominate the market.

After all, the larger ones were designed for aviation or diving to offer easy visibility and operation. Hence, they mismatch the modern trend for bespoke clothing or suits.

  • Design

Readability and user-friendliness form the basis of any watch. Our vintage designer watches for men are the epitome of these qualities. Retro fonts, a slim profile, silvery or sepia tones, exact replicas, historical significance, and maybe some ‘worn-out’ feel will complete the look.

  • Authenticity

Though not the rule of thumb, going for an established brand helps when looking for authentic vintage pieces or modern watches made with a classic look.

  • Reliability

Collectible watches are works of art. You want reliability and functionality. The watch should also match your style while remaining precise whenever you need to check your time.

Leading Men’s Vintage Watches

So, what are the best watches to collect? Here are a few of the many we have:

  • ROUE TPS ($290)

The TPS series is a tribute to the racers, the cars, and the racing culture of the 60s. It’s a romantic throwback to the 1967 Nurburgring race winner: The Porsche 910.

Every TPS watch (only a thousand watches will be in the market) is well-crafted with an attention-grabbing pulsometer, elaborated Porsche 910 image embossed on the case-back, and three intricate dial models. The black version is TPS One, TPS Two being the Panda with a vertically brushed dial, while TPS Three comes in a grizzled blue sprinkled with yellow parts.

  • Seconds Sub Dial SSD Models ($185)

It is a watch that embodies the 60s. SSD versions are modeled on the Grand Prix Style racing watches of that era. Note its inconspicuous design plus the remarkable detail-oriented engineering.

Its architects added an outstanding golden-yellow gasket in place of the original black crystal. And this makes the dial stand out in spectacular fashion.

  • HDS Models ($165)

The 80s saw most engineers and designers follow the beautiful but industrial sound commandments from Dieter Rams. Functionalism triumphed everything.

HDS version is designed to show the serviceability and exquisiteness of vintage watches made in the era. All three HDS versions are superbly made.

In the dial, you have two separate hour markings in even homocentric tracks: one in Arabic numerals, the other in line markers. And a neatly marked outer minute track surrounds them.

Value for Your Money

Are old watches worth anything? Yes. Be it an original vintage watch that has been handed down or one modeled in its image. If old, the serial number on a classic watch will give you an estimated value.

You can also buy affordable vintage watches from Roue from our variety of timepieces such as HDS, SSD, CAL, or CHR. Our vintage mens watches are made by vintage connoisseurs who are keen on preserving our rich history from nobler times.

Vintage Mens Watches
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