A tribute to the culture of design across time

Throughout time, the best design is a beautiful blend of form and function. Whether it’s the rush of a 1960 Alfa Romeo, the sleek creations of Dieter Rams or a simple pair of well-worn Levis. At ROUE (French for “wheel”), we firmly believe in a well-crafted product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also versatile. A design that will take you from that important business meeting to celebrate at the pub with friends. A design that never goes out of style.

Our watches are nothing but the highest quality

The use of only high-grade parts, quality materials such as sapphire crystal combined with a skilled manufacturing process ensures our timepieces are reliable and long-lasting. The commitment to excellence is a foundation of our brand.

Our story

I believe I inherited my sense of style. My grandfather’s fine taste opened my eyes to the wonder of aesthetics and good design. My father introduced me to the alluring world of classic cars. Seeing their passion sparked my own and despite working in finance for over 20 years, I spent my free time building a collection of beautiful creations. Everything from classic cars to German Braun radios to mid-century Scandinavian furniture. I decided to take this passion one step further and create something new. I began by designing my own furniture and later progressed to timepieces, the work that became ROUE. The drive to celebrate style is in my heart. At the point where artistry meets form and function, here is the essence of design. A classic simplicity that exists across time.

— Alex Iervolino

Roue Car