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All TPS come with a pre-color-set leather “Driver” and “Sports” silicone interchangeable straps.

ROUE TPS has made a commitment to revive and rewrite the subtle refinement from the 1960s racing culture, which seems to have been lost.

The TPS is a tribute to the Porsche 910, winner of the Nürburgring 1000-kilometer race in 1967. This car gave Porsche the most sentimental of its victories after seven years trying an overall win in a prestigious world sports car race competition and a decade fighting for a win in Germany’s most iconic track. The homage is present in an elaborated embossed car front drawing on the screw case-back.

With an interesting pulsometer calculator feature, TPS comes now in six versions—limited to 1000 pieces each and individually numbered. The black and orange model is called TPS One, the Panda with a vertically brushed dial, TPS Two, while a grizzled blue with yellow specifics model is known as TPS Three. Later we added the TPS Four – black and yellow and the TPS Five – sunburst brushed silver with blue bezel. Recently, we launched the TPS One – Black Series with case finished in high quality Black PVD.

All six versions have triple-layer dial construction and Swiss Super-Luminova® printed. They all come with a pre-color-set leather “Driver” and “Sports” silicone interchangeable straps.

Roue Watch TPS Model - Seiko VK63 Meca-Quartz Movement
Roue Watch TPS Model - Limited to 1000 pieces and individually numbered.
Roue Watch TPS Model - Screw-back case with Porsche 910 embossed 3D artwork
Roue Watch TPS Model - Triple layers dial construction with tachymeter and pulsometer functions
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS One BS Series

The 40 mm timepiece is powered by the Seiko VK63 meca-quartz movement, which combines the reliability and accuracy of quartz with the cultivated maneuver of a mechanic chronograph with its dry click and instant reset.

Roue Watch TPS Model - Seiko VK63 Meca-Quartz Movement

Limited to 1000 pieces and individually numbered.

Roue Watch TPS Model - Limited to 1000 pieces and individually numbered.

Screw-back case with Porsche 910 embossed 3d artwork.

Roue Watch TPS Model - Screw-back case with Porsche 910 embossed 3D artwork

Triple layers dial construction with tachymeter and pulsometer functions.

Roue Watch TPS Model - Triple layers dial construction with tachymeter and pulsometer functions
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS One BS Mobile Banner

Roue Watch TPS Model - Details


  • Made of 316L polished stainless steel with brushed finishing and Black PVD 316L stainless steel (TPS1 BS)
  • Screw-back case with embossed 3D artwork
  • Water-resistant and 50 meters depth equivalent pressure-resistant (not suitable for swimming, see exact definitions in the FAQ session)

Limited edition

  • Limited to 1000 pieces and individually numbered


  • Triple layer dial construction
  • tachymetre and pulsometer
  • Printed Swiss Super-Luminova®
  • Sub dials functions:
    • Left counts chronograph minutes
    • center displays seconds from time function
    • right indicates am/pm.


  • Japanese Seiko caliber VK63 chronograph hybrid meca-quartz movement


  • Double Dome K1 mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment inside and sapphire coating outside


  • 2 straps included:
    • genuine perforated Driver style leather
    • sports silicone
  • easy interchangeable bands system


  • Two years international warranty
Roue Watch TPS Model Details


  • Made of 316L polished stainless steel with brushed finishing and Black PVD 316L stainless steel (TPS1 BS)
  • Screw-back case with embossed 3D artwork
  • Water-resistant and 50 meters depth equivalent pressure-resistant (not suitable for swimming, see exact definitions in the FAQ session)

Limited edition

  • Limited to 1000 pieces and individually numbered


  • Triple layer dial construction
  • tachymetre and pulsometer
  • Printed Swiss Super-Luminova®
  • Sub dials functions:
    • Left counts chronograph minutes
    • center displays seconds from time function
    • right indicates am/pm.


  • Japanese Seiko caliber VK63 chronograph hybrid meca-quartz movement


  • Double Dome K1 mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment inside and sapphire coating outside


  • 2 straps included:
    • genuine perforated Driver style leather
    • sports silicone
  • easy interchangeable bands system


  • Two years international warranty
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS Model
Roue Watch TPS Model

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197 reviews for TPS

  1. tcanedy

    Received my watch. It is fantastic and the color is beautiful. Thank You for the great Service.

  2. Charles Lo (verified owner)

    The TPS 3 is a wonderful and unique watch! The dial color is perfect and case finishing is superb!

  3. Kingsinista13 (verified owner)

    So much to love, presentation, design…all under $300!! Amazing value and Amazing watch!

  4. vlad.osherov (verified owner)

    Honestly I don’t what to say. For my opinion the Roue TPS one of the best watches under 300 USD. I love my TPS Three, and CAL Tree also) I want say thank you to all Roue team!

  5. Tom Canedy (verified owner)

    Had the watch a week and I am awed by the beautiful color. It is a great watch and an even greater value.

  6. david sullivan (verified owner)

    Roue Customer service is second to none. Alex answers every question within a very short period of time. I bought the silver face tps with brown rally strap, very impressed with the qqlauluty and really captures the era well. I will be following this brand for a long time I suspect. Thanks Alex.

  7. Pepin solana (verified owner)

    Excellent quality
    Fantástic watch for real racing cars people…!
    And real Good service from Alex …!

  8. Evgeny (verified owner)

    beautifull peace of classic design, love the color !!

  9. Rhys (verified owner)

    My new TPS3 is a beautiful piece of design and astonishing value. It’s clearly been done with care, fantastic attention to detail and real affection. Love the use of the mecaquartz movement. Can easily hold its own with any other retro racing chronograph regardless of price.

  10. Panos Sklavos (verified owner)

    Got my TPS1 and I’m absolutely delighted. This is one of the most stunning watches with authentic character! Amazing value ! Definitely will be looking for more from roue.

  11. Julio (verified owner)

    just to let you know that i received today my tps three. First impressions are really good. i am very happy. love the detail and design of the watch.
    good work!

  12. Yohan

    Truly in love with my TPS3. Splendid vintage design. The pilot-style strap is particularly successful. The pulsometer function is original and practical. Fast delivery even internationally (I’m in France).
    I almost want to crack for TPS2 now ..

  13. Adam (verified owner)

    Loving my TPS 3 (blue face). It’s my second Roue watch, and the quality of craftsmanship and design continue to be fantastic – even at 3x the price these watches would be great deals in terms of case finishing, overall design. Delivery was super fast to USA.

  14. Jim luciani (verified owner)

    Love the look and feel of the TPS. Well designed and made with attention to detail. The rubber strap is impressive and soft. It is my second Roue watch and not disappointed.

  15. Walt Ringueberg (verified owner)

    When I saw the ad for the watch (TPS3) I loved the looks of it. I had been looking for a new chronograph for a while. After reading the specs I knew it was a great value for the price. I ordered it and it arrived a few days later,it exceeded my expectations. Get one before their all gone!

  16. Kurt (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the purchase! I have the TPS with the black dial. I love the dimensions, especially the streamlined profile and the straight lugs. The dial is great!

  17. jake (verified owner)

    Ordered the tps based on what I think is a really thoughtful blue dial and unique color/design choices. In person, the watch does not disappoint and goes beyong my expectations. love the design and the attention to detail is appreciated from an artist and designer that found themselves in the engineering field. watches really check all those boxes for me, and roue came through on an aesthetic treat. Only wish it were automatic, although i appreciated the reasonable price that the quartz movement provides.

  18. awills (verified owner)

    A very good looking watch that I had to have. great design. might i add great service as shipping was on point – 2 days

  19. John R. (verified owner)

    My second Roue watch. A beautifull watch you can wear everyday without worrying about its fragility, like you do with vintage pieces. Timeless design and very well built at a very reasonable price. Win-Win.

  20. Mickael (verified owner)

    I’m a watch lover and have maybe I have too many watches 😉 I got myself the TPS with the silver dial and just love it. I would say it’s a fashion Chronograph as sometimes the tachometer scale is hard to see but I don’t think it was ever meant to be a tool watch. Very well executed, perfect color combinations on the watch and the only thing I wish for was that I would have got the black rubber strap rather than the grey one as it for me is quite boring.

  21. João (verified owner)

    The TPS collection is an amazing proposition and clearly a labor of love. There’s genuine attention to the small details and plenty of design nuances. The dial is decidedly focused on the chronograph function, with the three sub-dials having the center stage of the visual impact, with depth and a great contrast among them.

    The case has a spot on diameter size for my wrist with very proportional lugs. It’s beautifully finished along its lines and has a crown interpretation proper of being called a crown.

    The brand’s digital experience is a masterclass in product communication and the packaging together with the suede watch roll is simply outstanding.

    The TPS Two feels to me as a celebration of esthetics and design with its own voice of what a contemporary chronograph could be. And it is exactly that, a very well articulated exercise of style. Dare I say it – of great taste.

    The simple fact that it is obtainable and within my reach, thanks in part to the movement used here, allows me to stop daydreaming of aspirational watches and enjoy the TPS Two for what it is, a celebration that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to experience.

  22. Ray (verified owner)

    a well thought-out design and amazing build quality for less than $300. would be nice if you also make short straps and make them available as an option.

  23. jerry (verified owner)

    i have lots of watches and some of them are from the top manufacturers and very expensive. that being said i really like this watch. it looks and wears great. so all my snobby friends can KMA. real watch collectors don’t care what a watch costs. its about the craft and this one has plenty

  24. David

    I am very happy with my blue face TPS 3 watch. the color combination is unique to my watch collection. the bands are both very comfortable, especially the grey silicone strap. this is my second transaction with roue (the first was a gift to my son that I was reluctant to actually give to him once i saw it). glad to have one of my own.

  25. Neil (verified owner)

    A lot of watch for the money. Really delighted with the standard of finish and overall quality. Good work!

  26. Gagik (verified owner)

    very beautiful watch, retro and at the same time very modern. High quality. Super beautiful design. big attention was paid to details, materials and finishes.
    the only problem I think, there is no date window.

  27. Jevgeni (verified owner)

    Loving this TPS3 watch not only for spectacular design but also for the history behind its creation and your dedication to bring up all those chef-d’oeuvres of the past! I’m really feeling it in my heart too!

  28. Padraig (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous. this watch is worth every penny.

  29. Adam (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this watch – distinctive and different, with a good attention detail for the price.

  30. Bryon (verified owner)

    My second Roue watch. I have been wearing the TPS2 for about a month. Looks great! I get plenty of compliments. I truly believe Roue has the right formula of quality, artistry and affordability.

  31. Michael (verified owner)

    I got the TPS THree. The more I wear and look at the Watch, the more I admire it. The symbiosis of a vintage face and a very unique design, you won’t find that anywhere else. It’s Pretty robust – Worn for one month straight and not showing a streak anywhere. I couldn’t be more happy with it. THe rubber strap holds up Pretty well and changes the Watch’s look completely. Overall, I’d like to give 5 stars, but the leather strap could have been of better Quality, even if that meant to pay more. THis can Always be adressed in the future, I guess.

  32. Michael Halley

    beautiful watch and very comfortable on the wrist. looking forward to future new designs

  33. razvan banica (verified owner)

    i’m impressed about the build quality and the watch overall. here’s some pictures on my ig page https://www.instagram.com/p/B6-l_pPnzXr/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

  34. Edward Blackman (verified owner)

    Utterly blown away by what Roue have produced.
    I’ve been collecting and wearing Swiss, Japanese and German mechanical watches for about ten years and and even though none of them (with the exception of my Grand Seiko Spring Drive) have been quartz watches, I’m by no means a watch snob when it comes to this well proven watch technology, to the point where I’ve just yesterday (12th Feb) ordered another Roue, but this time the CHR.

    In fact, if I’m completely honest, I’ve not seen a better looking quartz watch ever. I have the TPS Three and by design standards, this is just beautiful. The colour of the dial, the markers and the sweeping Tachymetre hand are just wonderfully balanced and speak to the heritage feel of the design.

    I don’t care that it doesn’t have a sapphire crystal and I don’t care that the lume isn’t super bright. I wear it three to four days a week and I also couldn’t care less that the Seiko movement beating inside the case is a quartz one. It’s accurate and I love looking at it and introducing friends to the brand.

    Finally, the whole package from Roue is exemplary. the watch roll, the straps, the quality of the polishing and brushing on the case, it all comes together to form an exquisite experience that shouldn’t realistically be available at this price point, but it is and I’m so glad I found out about it before the TPS sells out.

    • Alex Iervolino

      Edward, Thanks for the very kind comments. I really appreciate it!

  35. Matthijs Bredenoord (verified owner)

    love my new ROUE TPS. Size, weight and looks are perfect around my wrist. Racing style matches even more outfits than you might think. Matthijs

  36. Paul Hugnot (verified owner)

    This watch IS one of the best watch for this Price. I love it !

  37. Andrew (verified owner)

    Amazing service from order to delivery. ordered the blue dial TPS and it is a stunning watch for this price on both the grey or racing strap. thank you roue

  38. CL

    Great value for money. AmazIng quality and the watch looks even better in person. Very happy with my purchase!

  39. ed Hall (verified owner)

    Purchased the TPS2. Excellent service, quick delivery but above all else a truly nice timepiece. The Finish, comfort and Overall attention to detail is incredible for the price. The Mecha-Quartz movement is ideal for the application and the chrono pushers have a very satisfying action. Having owned 8 Rolexes, 2 Omegas, 5 Tudors, 1 Panarai and 1 Zenith, the ROUE Design, Function and tactility compares favourably to all!

  40. stlwatchlvr (verified owner)

    Heard about this watch on the Watch&Worn podcast and have not been disappointed. The craftsmanship is excellent. I really enjoy the fine details of the face. Only complaint I may have is that the ROUE in Yellow is hard to make out on the white face…I would like it to stand out a little more so people can tell what it is on my IG feed. 🙂

  41. gerry (verified owner)

    I’m really very positively surprised by roue!
    Everything is excellent:
    Watch, design, quality, details, strap, package…
    furious attention to every details!
    for sure, i’ll purchase another watch asap.
    I wish to alex all the best for his firm!

  42. Andrea (verified owner)


  43. Paul (verified owner)

    Amazing watch, I absolutely love my TPS two. You can see the care that has gone into the design details, and the accessories that come with it (box and pouch) are a very nice touch too.

  44. Lucas (verified owner)

    Fantastic watch for the money!

  45. Yatin Sanji (verified owner)

    The TPS 3 with the blue dial is absolutely gorgeous with the brown leather strap.! Absolutely worth every cent!!

  46. Glen (verified owner)

    TPS One arrived on time. Watch is very nicely made (i already knew design was great) Packaging is nice as well. Pusher quality of action is great and well judged. very good value watch. maybe there will be a chr Graphite in the cart any day now !

  47. Enrico De Amicis (verified owner)

    My TPS1 is very well handcrafted. Perfect look on the wrist, the finishing is very good. superb customer experience, the watch arrived quickly with some very useful accessories.

  48. Olivier DONNET (verified owner)

    Superbe montre.
    J’en suis ravi.

  49. Alberto (verified owner)

    An excellent watch! Awesome experience purchasing my roue tps. All transaction have been great! Really appreciate. Thanks rouewatch!!!

  50. Dirk Grebe (verified owner)

    Great timepiece ,looks fantastic and pricey ,design and timekeeping without flaw.Only minor letdown is the leatherstrap having led to allergic reaction.have been told in very nice contact that this issue will be sorted in the near future.
    I do highly recommend Roue watch for their product and customer care

  51. MARTIN FREEMAN (verified owner)

    I’m wearing my TPS now! It’s a lovely watch, and I’m very happy with it.
    I’m sure I’ll be making another purchase at some point!

  52. ernesto (verified owner)

    TPS a real Head turner!
    Got this watch a month ago, looking for a Cool looking Racing Watch! Amazing Details and Quality! getting a lot of watch for the price! Straps of amazing quality! really Happy with the Product

  53. Curt (verified owner)

    The TPS One is Outstanding. I spent many months looking at chronographs from all the various micro-brands – so many are over-done. I’ve owned many vintage 60/70s watches and this fits in perfectly. favorite design elements are the domed crystal, the dominant orange secondhand and the tapered crown.

  54. haley (verified owner)

    Bought this as a birthday gift for my boyfriend. He is obsessed! He’s always wearing it and he LOVES the chronograph timing functionality… so much so that he finds random reasons to time things throughout the day. Beautiful watch.

  55. Bertrand (verified owner)

    Just got my watch yesterday after months of confinement not able to travel to France.
    Superb ! Beautiful model ! Very proud to wear this ROUE !
    Everybody around me said the same.. SUPERB !!

    Let me know soon you have new models in order to be into the loop.

    Congratulations for this model !

  56. David (verified owner)

    The TPS 3 watch arrived few days ago and I already love it. I really like the „grey-blue“ watch-sheet in combination with the yellow clock-hand. This 2 colors matches perfectly. Also that each of the 3 sub dials have a slightly different design is great detail.
    Both straps (grey and leather) are looking fantastic and each is giving the time peace a complete different style. At the moment I decided to use the leather strap, because I like this classical touch, which is giving it to the watch. But the cool thing is that you can change the strap really easily. Great idea!
    So to conclude, the design of the watch is just WOW 🙂
    Thanks and keep going creating wonderful watches !

  57. JBlanco (verified owner)

    Nice piece, I actually bought two. Nice color and design. Get more wrist time than my other high end watches. Class A Customer service!! Recommended!!

  58. RickJ (verified owner)

    It’s a nice product for the price point but I have a couple of gripes. The blue on the tachymeter is not nearly as vibrant as the photo. The silver hands with the silver dial makes it difficult to read, especially because your eye is drawn to the yellow second hand. Finally, the strap is good-looking but pretty thin.

  59. ROBERTO (verified owner)

    Simply fascinating.
    Excellent design.
    Smart, fit for every situation.

  60. Michael Matti (verified owner)

    The only truly good news of 2020: The TPS Three became available again. None of the photos can really do it justice: distinctive without distraction, colorful without confusion, and proportions that let it meld to your wrist.

    A lot of thought and care went into this design — two week on, I’m still discovering subtleties. I’ve also just ordered a TPS Two.

  61. Jeremy (verified owner)

    TPS. A really beautiful watch. Does not look any worse in reality than on presented photos! Every detail brings smile on my face. I’m seriously consudering purchase of other ROUE models.

  62. Colin Goble (verified owner)

    So impressed with my first TPS that I came back for a 2nd (bringing my Roue collection to 8 watches!) It certainly does NOT look or feel inexpensive, with great proportions, colour contrasts and attention to fine detail. The case has an extensive variety of finishes – horizontal, vertical and radial brushing as well as polished, plus a sandblasted background for the superb Porsche impression on the case back. I almost overlooked the very subtle step at the top of the lugs, which reveals more of the vertical edge of the polished bezel to catch the light. The whole oozes precision and remarkable value. I also love that it’s only 40mm, and not 42 or larger. Straps are thin and supple but are interesting and seem good quality.

  63. Julien ritter (verified owner)

    Great product, beautiful finish, works perfectly well. The choice of the bracelets given with th watch are perfect and makes it easy to fit with different styles. Unboxing experience really great too
    Overall very satisfied, would recommend it 100%

  64. Michalis (verified owner)

    Loving it ,it came in a very luxurious package. Super light. Best quality in terms of assembly. Great watch overall.

  65. Jesse G. (verified owner)

    A lovely watch. The Nassau blue dial is particularly unusual and eye-catching. The quality is impeccable and the purchase experience was excellent. Highly recommended.

  66. Charrier Maël (verified owner)

    I didn’t expect this level of quality and detailing. It’s beautiful and for that price, it’s simply amazing.

  67. Wilson (verified owner)


  68. JohnL (verified owner)

    I love the design of the TPS3. The colour scheme especially reminded me of my late father’s workshop; a cherished childhood memory.
    Good value for a watch of this design and quality as well.

  69. Husein (verified owner)

    beautiful, solid feeling watch. Case finishing is excellent, and dial work looks great. My only gripe is on the silver dial version, the yellow print logo blends with the dial in some light or from distance. I get that the color yellow is essential to the logo, but making it a contrasting color on light-colored dials would have balanced a bit better.

  70. richard hennessy (verified owner)

    hadn’t heard of this brand and then my son had it on his Christmas present list. Being a porsche fan and seeing the back i was tempted to get one for myself as well. I have a TPS4 which is great and he has a TPS5, however due to Covid 19 rules we haven’t got together as yet, so his surprise awaits. great finish and i love changeable straps and pouch.

  71. Jaime (verified owner)

    Recibí mi reloj TPS muy rápido y perfecto. Es un reloj precioso, original, exclusivo, y preciso. Sin duda parece mucho más caro que el precio que tiene.

  72. Marvin Marquez (verified owner)

    great value and amazing looking watch

  73. Jessy (verified owner)

    I absolute love it!

  74. Dennis L. (verified owner)

    Just absolutely amazing. Precision, detail and quality to rival if not trump any mid tier Swiss watch. Proud owner of the TPS2. I truly believe it’s time to transition to the well deserved position to produce your own movements as your external parts/Visuals have without a doubt exceeded the industry standards.

  75. Patrick

    The watch arrived sooner than expected. The TPS 3 is beautiful, possibly the most beautiful in my collection. The workmanship & quality exceeds my expectation. For $290, it simply can’t be beat. Thank you!

  76. Niklas (verified owner)

    The Roue tps is an outstanding embodiment of a vintage racing watch!

    It’s a watch of high quality and beautiful design, especially the attention to case finishing and all the little details on the dial!

    Customer service is on point! Alex even replies to mails on a sunday, something, that would never happen in my country.

    with Everything mentioned above and the awesome unboxing experience, i’ll gladly say, that you have a great deal!

  77. Chloe

    The TPS was the perfect gift for my father who is addicted to watches. It soon became one of his favorites. Fast shipment as well.

  78. Charles K.

    I was looking for a nice vintage looking and affordable watch for my daily use. The TPS ended to be a great surprise in build quality and detail.
    Outstanding dial!

  79. Edward L.

    The Panda dial TPS version was love at first sight. It feels really nice on the wrist. Nice packing and fast delivery are also positives.

  80. Anthony

    The ROUE TPS is now my preferred watch. So much style and quality are not easily seen on other micro-brands.

  81. Massimo Di Lorenzo (verified owner)

    watch arrived today. very nice and excellent quality. I am satisfied. and them, kind and precise. congratulations keep it up

  82. Mihnea Gheorghita (verified owner)

    A fantastic budget choice for those Autavia & Gallet lovers out there. The colours on the TPS 3 are breathtakingly beautiful and unique. everything oozes quality, from the soft silicone strap to the great presentation upon opening the package. You’ve got a fan for life!

  83. Kaminskyblog

    Amazing! Nothing more to say!

  84. Glen Dankers (verified owner)

    Best 300$ i ever spent on a watch. This dial is so timelless i admire it still everyday. Also a watch i got the most comments on from other people. You don’t have that with many watches, definitly not at this price. I really hope this brand keeps making watches with this eye for detail and amazing design.

  85. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Great design, colors and style.

  86. Flavio Federico

    Awesome design and fantastic piece of technology.
    The overall finish is excellent and more than usually expected for that price range.
    The details will caught your attention forever.
    If I’ll buy another one? Just waiting for the new batches and models.
    Congratulations to Roue watches team

  87. Dulcamara (verified owner)

    TPS Two offerte pour Noël 2020, très jolie, très bien finie en regard du prix, rend mieux en vrai que sur les photos.
    L’envoi fut rapide et fort bien emballé.
    Seul bémol, elle retarde 5 secondes par mois, c’est acceptable.
    J’espère que la prochaine emboitera un Miyota OS80.

  88. R.Jones

    Received the TPS3 as a Christmas present, and it clinches it as my new favourite watch! Sublime design, love the colours and detailing on the dial and neat features like the second-hand subdial. Came well-presented with two comfortable straps.

  89. Terry Davison (verified owner)

    As a Porsche Club enthusiast I ordered the watch with the 910 tribute. I am delighted with the watch . It is a quality watch which I will cherish

  90. George I.

    I am a big Carrera fan, just love the way my TPS has a classic soul with a modern twist.

  91. Juan RA (verified owner)

    I own the reverse panda (TPS Four) and it’s a great looking watch with an excellent quality.
    Superb watch for the price.
    I love the watchroll too. Highly recommended.

  92. Christian Proença Cintra

    I received my fourth roue watch, impeccable. I really like it and the watches are beautiful, cool and unique. looking forward to new releases

  93. bernard h shields (verified owner)

    looks fantastic on the wrist. quality throughout. great watch for a great price. all i need now is for lockdown to finish so i can get out and show it off!

  94. Jason curtis (verified owner)

    I purchased my tps3 with blue dial on brown leather rally strap after seeing an advert for it in the Porsche club GB magazine. It’s vintage era look and the Porsche 910 engraving on the case back had me hooked immediately.
    Given its styling I had assumed the watch would be a far more expensive item that it was, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was £225 in the U.K.
    I had some correspondence with Alex (the roue founder) – a Porsche fan himself – and was hugely impressed with his customer service.
    I was equally impressed with the watch too and it’s packaging in its tasteful grey suede roll-case with additional super-comfortable silicon strap.
    The styling and finish of the watch are even better on the wrist than the photos and review videos suggest.
    I have quite a number of time pieces, all automatic, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand in price, but this £225 Roue mechaquartz has instantly become my go-to daily wearer.
    I hope the brand grows in success so Alex can add some autos to the range too in the future.

  95. Neil S. (verified owner)

    Got my watch yesterday.

    It’s lovely, stylish and nice details.

    Thinking of evolving the watch I would suggest a slightly thicker and wider strap and perhaps somehow a little more weight to the watch itself.

    Minor things but I think Roue would be able to ask for a higher price too.

    I look forward to my next purchase!


  96. Kenny Graham (verified owner)

    These watches are very impressive and really punch above their weight. Great straps so very comfy and looks impressive on the wrist.

  97. Gary Hoo (verified owner)

    superb detail on the dial and overall case finishing. very much impressed!

  98. Hesham h (verified owner)

    Excellent service and very professional with unique colours and quality.

  99. José (verified owner)

    Love the watch. Beautiful dial and it looks especially attractive with the leather rally strap. Delivery was flawless and pricing is “on Point.”
    Congrats on a wonderful time piece

  100. shaun (verified owner)

    Watch looks and feels excellent, the detailing is incredible. customer service has been of a very high standard too.

  101. Joseph Killingback (verified owner)

    Beautiful watch looks and feels much more expensive than it actually is . Will be buying another colour soon.

  102. Kevin P. (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous! The high quality is there and the attention to details is astonishing. The movement works perfectly also.

  103. Ubaldo (verified owner)

    Excellent watch, very well finished, beautiful style.

  104. Jacques L. (verified owner)

    The TPS 4 is a very beautiful watch !
    I love the silicone strap with the buckle in brushed steel. I am studying a new purchase : the TPS 2 🙂

  105. M-A Sauriol (verified owner)

    Received my watch, fast delivery, very please.

  106. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great buy! watches wears very easy. looks and works awesome!

  107. Jeffrey Leonardo (verified owner)

    Tps two just arrived today, very fast delivery to indonesia, the watch design and the finishing are very excelent.

  108. PEDRO ANJOS (verified owner)

    Great buy. Fast shipment and excellent quality watch. Beautifully finished.

  109. Ken davis (verified owner)

    TPS watch, lovely looking watch, we’ll made. Not to big, strap is secure and comfortable. Lovely detail and fantastic value and super quick delivery.
    Very happy

  110. Jean (verified owner)


  111. Gdel (verified owner)

    24 juin 2020 .ma TPS est arrivée !
    Encore mieux en vrai , qualité haut niveau , agréable à porter , très bel effet au poignet ! et tout ça avec un prix tout doux !

  112. Mike

    Very nice watch! Good quality, beautiful details, i’m totally in love with my Roue watch! I recommend!

  113. A.RAGONS (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping in a really simple and tasteful package. tps 3 is a gorgeous watch, amazing design at a great price., incredibly comfortable to wear. THANKS A LOT ROUEWATCH.COM

  114. Ilvars Eversons (verified owner)

    Very beautiful design and perfect product quality. I am very happy with the purchase.

  115. sK3LeTvM

    I bought the TPS5 as a daily watch to replace my Omega Speedmaster Automatic. Very Beautiful watch, however, I’ve replaced the wristband by a metal Omega styled one. It makes the watch look very expensive. Thanks for such a beautifull time piece.

  116. Massimo (verified owner)

    High quality watch,
    with great attention to detail,
    High value for money
    very good service

  117. Martiin (verified owner)

    beautifull peace of classic design, love the color

  118. Jorge (verified owner)

    The TPS “panda” edition is a watch that brings together heritage racing design with technology and ease of use. ROUE has certainly convinced me with its workmanship and expertise.

  119. Thibaut.brbn (verified owner)

    Pour les acheteurs français n’ayez aucune crainte, livraison rapide et sans frais. Sinon la montre en elle-même est de très bonne qualité, très bon rapport qualité prix. bracelets de bonne facture. le verre qui n’est pas completement saphir fait très bien le travail et le cadran est super.

  120. Oliver Bentley (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my TPS, the quality and uniqueness is fantastic. For such a small brand the attention to detail is at such a high level. From the layers on the dial to classy packaging, they have covered every element. I’ve never had so many compliments on a watch and I love the fact that most people have never seen it before. For the price, this watch is a complete no brainer!

  121. Ian Sellers (verified owner)

    Joli montre de qualité pour 300dollars
    Seule bémol les eguilles sont peux lisible la nuit
    Sinon très content

  122. Sébastien (verified owner)

    I received my silver dial tps watch, this watch looks so great : masculine, very good assembly quality, the silicon stripe is also very confortable. I highly recommend. At this price you probably can’t make a better deal.

  123. FLORENT BEUGNOT (verified owner)

    montre tps two commandée pour la france. COMME INDIQUé DANS LES NOMBREUX COMMENTAIRES, superbe montre. SERVICE TOP, 3 JOURS ENTRE LA COMMANDE ET LA RECEPTION. je recommande cette marque que je découvre ! bravo aux equipes de roue watches !

  124. marcin (verified owner)

    First the cal one and now the tps three. love ’em to bits.

  125. Jerome (verified owner)

    C’est vraiment une montre coup de cœur , avec une fabrication de très belle qualité, le mouvement meca-Quartz est excellent.
    J’alterne sans complexe avec des montres hauts de gamme (étant horloger et bien entendu passionné de montres).
    Félicitations à roue pour ce beau travail et le contact vraiment très agréable

  126. Paul at Autology Motors (verified owner)

    I’ve had my TPS Two for about a year now, and I still love everything about it. The style and attention to detail are startlingly luxurious at this price point, and in an affordable timepiece I always prefer a quality quartz movement to a cheapy automatic movement. The TPS gets steady rotation in my lineup, and it’s as beautiful and accurate as the day it arrived.

    I ordered a second Roue this week, and I’m really looking forward to receiving it. This is a boutique brand that scratches me where I itch. The styling is vintage and automotive themed, but without looking contrived or childish. The proportions are spot on, even for my relatively large wrist.

    The lume on this TPS could be better, and i wish for more water resistance, but these are nits. Bottom line? I was thrilled when my TPS arrived, and after nearly a year of regular use, I still am.

  127. Ian Sellers (verified owner)

    Très joli montre qualité prix superbes
    Ça va faire des heureux à Noël merci

  128. Pedro Fernando Gomes Pires (verified owner)

    I have the 058/1000 TPS Black Edition and I’m so proud and happy !
    The watch is Fantastic and looks awesome , gorgeous …!! everyone keeps starring to my wrist 🙂 excellent job Alexandre !

  129. Radoslaw (verified owner)

    Superb watch, I’m glad that I’M owner of TPS 3. Post-sale service is also on very high level. I recommend this seller 🙂

  130. Gabriele (verified owner)

    Orologio molto ben rifinito e con un bellissimo quadrante nero, sono molto soddisfatto dell’acquisto, ed ho notato che al polso si fa notare. Inoltre si parla di un modello di auto incisa sul fondello che ha fatto storia, quindi un valore aggiunto. Tutto questo ad un prezzo veramente buono.

  131. Thomas Gérion (verified owner)

    J’ai commandé la TPS four fin novembre, reçue en 3 jours. La montre est magnifique (encore plus belle qu’en photo je trouve), finition impeccable, rien à dire !

  132. Jesus Pernas (verified owner)

    I bought 3 already and had to give them away because my friends loved the watch so much. the color, the color and the porsche car on the back that i gave them as a gift. it was the best gift i could give

  133. arpit r (verified owner)

    I had ordered the TPS 2 and its been 24hrs since I received it, i just can’t stop admiring it. the watch feels so premium. alex genuinely deserves a lot of appreciation for designing and executing such a beautiful timepiece for enthusiasts who enjoy racing watches. I just can’t stop admiring my tps two i hope to add more roue watches to my collection and i think we should all support alex and his vision here. there watches are ultra premium for what they are selling. Thank you once again alex and team for making the whole experience of buying a roue tps so engaging and smooth.

  134. Luca

    Fantastic watch!!!!!

  135. Gregor (verified owner)

    I would give this watch 5 stars without hesitation if it wasnt for the poor strap. its not about the quality of the strap, but the thickness of it (well, the lack of thickness) – the strap it self is quite soft, it has a quick release spring bar, but it is so thin, that it makes wearing the watch quite uncomfortable. instead of two straps (one leather, the other silicone) it would be better to include one strap, but with better quality. otherwise i have nothing to say against the watch – it is nicely made, it has an interesting color scheme, good wrist presence. the delivery was fast, communication with roue very good…

  136. Terry glomskig (verified owner)

    This is a well made beautiful time piece. Proof you do not have to spend alot of money to get a fine watch.

  137. Ethan (verified owner)

    My new favorite!

  138. José (verified owner)

    The clock is very well achieved aesthetically. The level of quality also seems above average for the price practiced. Only the box could be a little bigger but the dial is aT fantastic level and the layout very well achieved. The packaging in which the second bracelet comes is also a tasteful note. Excellent price quality but warranty slightly below average.

    • Alex Iervolino (verified owner)

      Hi José, how are you? Thanks for the nice review. Just curious to know what you mean about warranty below average. Thanks, Alex

  139. Stephen chapman (verified owner)

    Tps2 is a Great design that really pops & is very good quality. Ordering & customer experience was excellent. Roue is a brand deserving every success.

  140. Justin reed (verified owner)

    Love it wearing it as I type.

    Several friends have commented on how cool it looks.

    My wife wishes. It came with an orange band, so I have purchased one and will fit it later

  141. giuseppe (verified owner)

    Orologio esattamente uguale a quello che aspettavo. ottimo rapporto qualita’ prezzo.
    grazie al team roue sono stati veloci con la consegna


    Transaction parfaite. La montre est arrivée très vite. L’emballage était soigné et la montre encore plus belle en réalité. Très originale et légère. J’ai un poignet de 17 cm et la montre n’est pas imposante.
    Gros plus, bracelet de rechange et housse de transport.
    Je recommande 👍👍👍

  143. Federico Mezzina (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with the purchase. I love my TPS Three, I love the attention to detail, the lovely dial, the mix of brushed and polished steel of the case with the beautiful engravings. I also appreciate that Roue includes a second strap in the package (though I think they should give more strap choice, for example a blue and a grey leather one, and the lovely suede grey, when you buy the watch). I hope they will make automatic watches too.
    All in all, an excellent racing inspired chronograph, which aesthetically takes you to the golden age of motor racing. Go Roue!

  144. GEORGES-CARDIACI (verified owner)

    Transaction ideale. Expédition rapide et emballage soigné. La montre est superbe, originale et légère au poignet. Livrée avec une housse pour transporter la montre en voyage ainsi qu’un bracelet style rallye en cuir en plus. Je recommande chaudement ce vendeur qui gagne à être connu et reconnu 👍

  145. federico (verified owner)

    Very nice watch and great service.

  146. KillWolf13 (verified owner)

    Shipped and received as scheduled.
    Lovely watch and super design.
    Love it

  147. Tamas (verified owner)

    Absolutely outstanding watch with unique looks and great value. I was especially surprised by how nice the oem silicone strap is.

  148. Stancaiman

    Superbe petite montre fabriquée avec soin et au design agréable très accessible au niveau tarif – rien à dire au niveau du mouvement tout aussi qualitatif que le reste de l’objet

  149. Sergio

    Excellent, Love it, amazing watch and service, very pleased

  150. CEDRIC (verified owner)

    Very satisfied by this beautyfull original watch. The delivery has been done quickly and safely. the packaging is nice.

  151. Yohann (verified owner)

    Beautiful watch with a nice finish. I love the color!

  152. Abdulla Al Shaer (verified owner)

    Better than expected to be precise!
    the TPS Five with unique silver dial makes such an impact on the wrist, add the that the comfort of the ultra light and soft silicon strap, with the additional leather strap, this is the deal of the year!

  153. Daniel (verified owner)

    Bought the blue-silver dail tps. I really like the fact that it’s not a huge watch, it’s big enough. The curve in the glass makes it special. It wears very comfortable with the silicone strap. The leather band a little bit less because of its toughness. Would recommend.

  154. Henry Gare Personal Injury Attorney

    Watch is an awesome amazing value. The customer service is outstanding.

  155. Christophe Neyret

    Beautiful watch, finish better than expected. One of the cheapest in my collection but one of my favorite !

  156. Jose luiz (verified owner)

    Well i always love the design of the ’70s and ’80s of the chronographs well discolography made by ROUE NC embodies old ’60s and ’70s designs of the HEUER OTAVIA AND CARRERA and the speed master from Omega and all the great chronographs made by Universal GENEVE. the ROUE chronograph since perfectly in my wrist with 40 mm the perfect proportions for any wrist the straps are also high quality I’m very pleased with my purchase thank you ROUE and keep UP the good work greetings from Portugal Lisbon

  157. Lokman (verified owner)

    I must say that TPS Two is one of my best and satisfying purchase! Very well designed and made. I ranked it very highly amongst my collection of other luxury brand watches! It’s my go-to watch from the day I revived it.
    And I must also add that shipping was super fast!!!! Thank you!

  158. Alex Iervolino (verified owner)

    Hi Marco, How are you? Thanks for the review but the TPS has lume. Please charge it using non-led light bulbs (incandescent). The lume does not work with led bulbs. Let us know the result. Thanks,

  159. Arie (verified owner)

    Two days after I ordered the TPS2, the watch was delivered. Communication about the order and delivery was very good. The watch was deliverd in a box of which the covering was somewhat loose. Inside the box was a soft case, which contained the watch and an extra strap. The watch looks beautiful with a high level of finish. It feels good quality and the straps are also of good quality.
    I am very satisfied.
    As a tip, I would like to see the possibility to choose from different straps.

  160. Mario T (verified owner)

    Very nice watch and strap, good style and good price, what else !

  161. Andreas (verified owner)

    Review for TPS 4. Very nice watch. Looks, and quality is great AND affordable. Don’t like the straps very much. My TPS 4 now has a custom rally strap.

  162. Nick Jones (verified owner)

    Lovely (dare I say sexy) watch delivered in quick time. Beautifully presented and packaged. TPS3 ❤️

  163. macingosh (verified owner)

    Beautiful TPS 3 watch, works perfectly. Great price and fast shipment.

  164. Steve Wilson (verified owner)

    It is a beautiful watch, no doubt. On arrival, it was smaller than I expected in comparison to my other watches and, accordingly, the straps were thinner and less substantial than I imagined but, nevertheless, a beautiful watch.

  165. Joris (verified owner)

    Levering is top gegaan. Had het horloge binnen de 3 dagen. Het horloge ziet er klassevol uit. Zeer hoge afwerkingsgraad voor deze prijs.

  166. Edward (verified owner)

    Superb!!! Fast delivery, great great great looks. Tough new it has a great vintage touch. Love it and worth every €!

  167. Jorge A (verified owner)

    Securely packaged. Watch is beautiful and working perfectly. The straps are nice and the roll bag has a really nice feel to it. Very satisfied!

  168. SIMON Augustin (verified owner)

    I don’t know where to start..first of all, I didn’t expect a watch of this quality at this price! I was pleasantly surprised! In addition, the engraving representing the Porsche 910 is perfect, the contrasting white counters are very well done too! I bought a suede bracelet which I really like, but I think I’ll wait until the end of summer before wearing it, the plastic one is already perfect!

  169. Henry (verified owner)

    Huge fan of watches and very demanding client. Perfect experience. I can only recommend.

  170. Hugh Dowding (verified owner)

    Bought two watches as competition prizes – they seem great and I am sure their new owners will be delighted – nice design, good value and a nice commemoration detailed on the reverse

  171. Vincent (verified owner)

    Amazing watch , vintage spirit , the tps two is beautiful !!! thx Roue Watch

  172. DamVisso


  173. Dapper Dan (verified owner)

    The TPS 3 has exceeded my ‘nice driver’s watch’ expectations.
    Colourful and sleek, yet still classy and understated.
    When we fly to Barcelona (from Oz) in September I’ve booked an extra seat for this watch – in “It’s The Business” Class.
    Buy and never regret.

  174. Thomas de Payraud (verified owner)

    So much to love, design
    Very good price for this quality

  175. jacques Bolze (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. On time. Perfect packaging. Very nice product with very good détails and the dial graphic/digits are very precise.
    I take the TPS Four with yellow chrono second hand. The small hand for the minutes counter wich is yellow too is not easy to read. Maybe in black but the design will be less attractive.
    So I recommande

  176. Francis Pakyrissamy (verified owner)

    Une étonnante découverte ! Une finition soignée sur l’ensemble de la montre ainsi que ces bracelets. Un cadran très bien travaillé, on sent que la montre a été soigneusement fabriquée, brossée et polis. Un fond de boîtier qui rend hommage à l’emblématique Porsche 910 de la course automobile au Nürburgring en 1967 qui fait vraiment plaisir aux fan d’automobile (notamment Porsche que je suis depuis longtemps). Je n’ai pas les mots car pour le prix, je trouve que la montre est incroyable ! elle procure une satisfaction incomparable à d’autres montres bien plus chère. Merci pour cette découverte et de proposer ce que je chercher depuis un bout de temps, « l’émotion » !

  177. Francois 65 (verified owner)

    Un des meilleurs rapport qualité prix, un design très équilibré, une grande satisfaction

  178. Pask (verified owner)

    Very good watch, great finish a very catching vintage look.
    fast and accurate service.

  179. D Rom

    Great looking and functioning watch. Also, the size is just right – not too big. Packaging & accessories are good, and shipping is prompt. The dial lume is very weak.

  180. Gary Donovan (verified owner)

    I have to say I bought this as a fun daily watch and was not expecting too much at the price point. I’ve been utterly astounded at the design and quality of this piece. It goes way beyond my expectations and shows what can be done when designing a watch at a more affordable price point – they don’t always have to be poor quality. This watch has a feel and a look of pieces that cost 5 times as much and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The silicone strap is so comfortable to wear and it also comes with a brown leather one to mix it up and with quick release spring bars this is easy to do. If you were not sure about this watch then do not hesitate – buy it, enjoy it and wonder at how they make such a nice watch at such a price

  181. Arafat (verified owner)

    Bought the Roue chronograph watch it looks amazing. Better value than a plast moon swatch too. I hope bring out one with an ETA movement that is COSC certified as I would buy that too.

  182. Raul (verified owner)

    I already have 2 TPS models, TPS 2 and 4. That alone says a lot about how I feel about the watches: excellent design (btw, watches really come alive in person, photos dont do them justice. Also, Alex is a customer-centric person and he will take care every question, etc. Bravo!

  183. Chrono_Graphe

    I already bought two TPS and love the story told by the brand. As my own Santa, I decided to get the new TPS Seven. It’s, to me, the best iteration of this amazing watch under 300$!! There’s no doubt, if Roue decides to make an automatic version, it would be one of the BEST watches on the market. Congrats ❤️

  184. Diego Navarro. (verified owner)

    Received two weeks ago. It is my third TPS. Such a beautiful, sportive and classy watch. One of my favorite watches in my collection. Incredible the quality of the watch, being under 300$. The Mecca-quartz system by Seiko is so good. Alex service is first class, always!

  185. Julien (verified owner)

    Montre fantastique d’excellente qualité

  186. Samarth (verified owner)

    It’s a great watch. The design is as beautiful as it looks in photographs. I just wish that the lug was set lower, right now it sits high on the wrist and will look awkward if the wearers wrist is smaller than 16″.

  187. Neil Mcl (verified owner)

    Beautiful watch, well presented & finish is perfect 👌 .

  188. Lindsay Prescott (verified owner)

    I own far too many watches but this TPS 7 (Graphite dial) is now spending more time on my wrist than my Omega Speedmaster. I can’t fault its quality. The design is pure class and the colour combination is just sublime. I can’t stop admiring it. The size, finishing and design execution on this watch makes it feel like a watch that is five times the price at least. Grab one while you can!

  189. Yury (verified owner)

    This is definitely the best watch with a VK63 movement and a great bang for the buck.

    How much “watch” I got for the price should put the likes of Seiko and Swatch to shame.

  190. Mick Tighe (verified owner)

    First class watch at a realistic price. Excellent body work with a beautiful window and fantastic engine. Truly a racing drivers watch despite me being an astronaut!!!

  191. Gwillam lloyd (verified owner)

    Recently purchased the TPS3 . Great looking watch that is well constructed, at a very good price

  192. LAP (verified owner)

    Beautiful watch. Great value. One recommendation – on the TPS the hands are hard to read against the silver dial. Make the hands a little darker.

  193. JayS (verified owner)

    The watch is even more attractive in person than the online photos would indicate. Both bands go really well.

  194. wallace (verified owner)

    Very Nice. it would be very useful to have a date stamp.

  195. AL (verified owner)

    Very good overall quality for the price. The yellow/black combinaison works fine. I recommend.

  196. Mario Pinto (verified owner)

    Very happy, very good watch and packaging. Nice experience.

  197. Clarel (verified owner)

    TPS Five Blue & Silver Dial

    As a collector of different types of watches, the overall quality & look of the watch is excellent. I specially love the Porsche imprint on the back cover.

    I like that as a limited edition, the number is printed at the back (xxxx/1000), however, my only reservation is that a Certificate of Authenticity would have made this even better.

    Beautiful watch!! – Recommended!

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